photo by Greg Daponte
Arriving in Austin after a 24 hour
drive from Los Angles. Mike
Stinson, Rob Douglas, Charlie
Mike Stinson, James Intveld, Pamela
Des Barres, Charlie McGovern
St.  Patricks day in Austin.
Tony Gilkyson, Greg Leisz, Charlie
McGovern, Rob Douglas
The effervescent, omnipresent Bryson
Jones and Charlie McGovern,  at the
SIN CITY show.
(Ian McLagan, Don Harvey, Mark Andes
& 'Jud Newcomb)
photo by Charlie McGovern
Mark Andes, Mike Stinson, Ian McLagan
photo by Charlie McGovern
"We received our education in the
cities of the nation...
Paul Marshall and Charlie McGovern
Miss Pamela Des Barres
John Hofer and Charlie McGovern
Texas Vampires
Kim Grant, Charlie McGovern
maybe one of my favorite photos i've ever taken, of about
10,000. finally manged to capture something almost real...

charlie mcgovern (L), guy who produced last two mike stinson
mike stinson (w/guitar); almost drunk and about two hours into a
four hour marathon
-yla-to-Woody-Guthrie-to-Blind-Willie-McTell beer drinking
picking sesssion, approx 3:30 a.m., Monday morning Mar 20,
Houston Texas. It was getting pretty unvarnished at this
point............. it got a whole lot more unvarnished before sheets
and blankets were summoned.......

WM Smith (March 2006)

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