"Wrong Girl"  by Jaimi Shuey
produced by Charlie McGovern
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Miles of Music
1. How Long (click to listen)
2. Wrong Girl (click to listen)
3. Wild Things
4. Emanuel (click to listen)
5. Ouija
6. Country Girl
7. A Bite
8. Jerkwater Town
9. Poison Kisses
10. Oblivion
Jaimi Shuey - vocal and acoustic guitar
Don Heffington - drums and harmonica
John McDuffie - electric guitar and pedal steel guitar
Mike Baker - Fender bass guitar
Kip Boardman- piano & Wurlitzer electric piano
Danny McGough - Hammond, Vox & Pump Organs, Chamberlain
Hydraulic recording, photos & design by
Charlie McGovern at Big Ol' Studio

additional recording at
Electronic Recording Services, L.A.
& Evelyn Martin Recording

Mastered by John Nowland
at Broken Arrow Ranch
and at Coastside Recording

all songs written by Jaimi Shuey

produced by
Charlie McGovern

special thanks to Justin Zackey

1112C Montana Ave #326
Santa Monica, CA 90403
"Charlie................ as you well know, we all get cds from friends
etc.  asking for help or worse! , opinions that an honest guy just
should ignore in the interests of friendship!  So, in Jaimi's case, I
feel especially obligated to thank you and Jaimi for giving me a shot @
mastering this terrific collection of songs and performances.  
Damn............. I'm really surprised.... it's really a great piece of
work... a lot of Iris Dement integrity and vibe... and the songs and
chops to back it up."

-John Nowland
Broken Arrow Ranch, November 2006
(after receiving mixes of Jaimi Shuey's 'Wrong Girl' from Charlie McGovern)
About Jaimi’s  Record
Charlie McGovern
November 9, 2006 10 pm
North Hollywood

All my broken hearts are laid down on this pillow for me to look at, like pieces of antique
jewelry cracked in half.  You can look down at stare at them and see how they might fit
back together but they never will.  Some medallions of valor.  That’s how “Oblivion” sounds
to me.  Or when Kip Boardman hits the first chord on his Wurlitzer in “Emanuel”.

I was warned if I ever brought another chick singer through the doors here at big Ol’ Studio
the locks might get changed.  (We had some problems in the past)  So when nobody was
around I started sneaking in a 5 foot 3 inch blonde, next thing you know I was making a
record with Jaimi Shuey.

It was Mike Baker’s initial idea for Jaimi to approach me about producing a record, and I am
forever grateful to Mike.

We put together 6 foot 2 Don Heffington on drums and 6 foot 4  Mike Baker on bass and
started recording.

Don Heffington’s father had just passed away about a week before we cut these tracks and
Don seemed to be floating through the sessions.  These are some of my favorite drum
tracks I’ve ever heard.

We keep the recording real striped down.  There’s no layered guitars, no backing vocals
just Jaimi fronting a tough band.  John McDuffy put down all his Electric and Steel guitar
parts in one or two takes along with Kip Boardman adding a touch of class with his piano
playing.  We spent a day with Danny McGough at Evelyn Martin Recorders and cut a
beautiful version of Jaimi’s song ‘Oblivion’ live, just Jaimi and Danny.

If prompted Jaimi can cuss with the worst of us, and can drink a Coors Light or six (plus

We finished the record off by having the extremely talented ears of John Nowland
mastering the record at Neil Young’s Broken Arrow Ranch.  Thank you John.


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