written by Larry Hosford
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Larry and Charlie
Larry Hosford and Rod Castillo
Steven Griswold and Larry Hosford arriving
in North Hollywood in the pouring rain.  We
headed straight to the Cinema Bar to see
the Mike Stinson Band.
Larry, Rod with Rosie in the
background.  Then we headed back to
Big Ol' Studio.
Tony Gilkyson, Larry Hosford
Mike Stinson
Rob Douglas
Mike Baker, Colleen Kennedy, Glen Sherba, Mike
Stinson and Tracy Huffman
Glen Sherba
Steven Griswold
Charlie McGovern 1865.  
Photo by Kent Geib.
Charlie McGovern playing with a Weed Whacker.  
Photos by Warren Stevens
Then we headed over to Ronnie
Mack's Barndance, Sunset Blvd.
Kent Geib and Mike Baker
Miguel Garcia and the Pope
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This photo was taken just a split
second before Tracy Huffman's
hollow body electric guitar was