Rodney Bingenheimer and Charlie McGovern
at the Chateau Marmonte.
November 15, 2005
The Assistant to the Human
Cannonball, Chualar, California,
October 2007.  This photo was taken
just moments before the Human
Cannonball (Dennis Doan, far right)
was seriously injured.
Charlie McGovern
with Larry
Hosford's suit.  
Photo by Ramsay
photo by Charlie McGovern

Pamela Des Barres blowin out the candles,
Mike Stinson holding the cake.
September 10, 2005
With Salinas Valley artist John Cerney.
August 31, 2005.
photo by Charlie McGovern
photo by Fur Dixon
An Original Country Outlaw - July 21, 2005
Danny Sheridan and Charlie McGovern
making a
Fur Dixon, Steve Werner album.
photo by charlie McGovern
Ladies and gentleman, Danny McGough
photo by Cynthia Plaster Caster
Pamela Des Barres & Julien Nitzberg
June 17, 2005
Las Pasturas del Cielo
The Salinas Valley.  Fremont's Peak
covered by fog in the back ground.
This picture was taken by my
brother Pat, May 10, 2005
May 29, 2005
Blag Dahlia,
Angelina Moysov,
Tom Ayres, Charlie McGovern
Salinas packing sheds May 10, 2005
Photo by Patrick McGovern
photo by Leslie Stroud
photo by Ramsay Midwood
One of the last sessions at
the Black Light Eye shed,
Boronda California (West
Salinas) 1997.  
There's now a new Marriot
or some kind of Hotel there.
"Are we rolling O' Bearded One?"  
Charlie McGovern recording Larry Hosford's Country and
Mexican album. Kip Boardman's house,
Silverlake,October 1998
My Favorite picture in the world.  My mom,
my sister Susie, and my brother Joe.  JFK
was still alive, and nobody had heard of
The Beatles.
Charlie McGovern driving Larry Hosford
from Salinas to Los Angeles to make a
record in a 1972 Plymouth Valiant.  Photo
by Ramsay Midwood from the back seat
somewhere on the 5.  October 1998
photo by Charlie McGovern
Rock and Roll legend
De De Troit working on
Cotton Ponys record
at Big Ol' with Charlie
November 22, 2005
photo by Fur Dixon
Charlie McGovern recording Fur Dixon and
Steve Werner using Hydraulics.  
November 2004, North Hollywood, California
for more information on Fur and Steve go to:

Tony Gilkyson, Randy Weeks & Mike Stinson , July 27 2005
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